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What makes Sensei Server unique


Interactive, user friendly, charts for each sensor attached to the system.


Support for csv reporting generation and export.


Email alert on system errors or values threshold.


User friendly interface to schedule and monitor recurring tasks.

Data Log

All sensors data are internally logged for years with a resolution to the second.


User interface to perform manual actions like switching loads on and off.


Automated reactions based on time windows and threshold values.


Monitor the status of the system from everywhere.


The system automatically check its health status and react according to failures.

Project status

where we are and where we are going...
Want to contribute to the project?

Sensei Open Source Things Server is a project with a big ambition: take the most of embedded platforms like Arduino and Raspberry and make it available to every maker around the world.

This will require a big effort to evolve and be maintained. We are at a good point, with a working system and the prototype stage pretty much completed, but we need your help!
Want to become part of early beta user group? Want to build one of our Sensei Things and try it at work? Want to contribute to the development or documentation of Sensei?

Contact us using the module below and you'll be welcome in the Sensei Community.

  • Alpha stage

    Main features developed and major issues fixed. Good reliability of the system.

  • Beta stage

    System testing on different scenarios, minor issues solved. High reliability of the system.

  • Documentation

    Setup instructions, usage guide and developers guidelines available and reviewed.

  • Community

    Codebase consolidated and made public. Dev community has started. A user base has been built.

Sensei Things

Projects builts using Sensei
Uploaded image


greenhouse in a box

Smart greenhouse with Arduino and Raspberry.
– Automated watering.
– Ultrasonic humidifier.
– RGB lightening.
– local AP with web interface.
Uploaded image

Sensei Cell

automated greenhouse

Smart greenhouse with Arduino and Intel Edison.
– two environments – two sensors lines

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